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The Philosophy behind the paper: The Voluntaryist


We're inhabitants of the geographical region of the Rocky Mountains known as the Front Range, and we're passionate for the possibility of liberty in our lifetime. That is, a society free of the institutionalization of aggression, which we find to be the foundation of statism.


Statism is the bogus idea that since we need security, or that there are other necessities in life, it logically follows that it must be provided by a monopolistic agency that forces us all to obey its orders under the threats of violence and imprisonment. The State is thus a coercive monopolist in a given territory that compels all its subjects to associate with it, whether or not they find value in doing so.


In short, we find this inherent socialism of government, charaterized by aggression against property rights, to be morally indefensible and economically reprehensible, and that there's no case for the socialization of various products deemed the "essential services" of government: from security, law, and schooling, to money and banking. Ideally, the production of goods and services would all be privatized.


Our relationship with the State is by no means the result of a "social contract." We're victims of state-aggression, and it's not hard to see why they treat us differently than a private business that is in search of a profit would: for the fact that (1) we never consented to such an association; and (2) their income is not dependent on our continued voluntary support. Rather, they must coerce us into compliance with the threat of the cage or the bayonet. Amazingly, and far and wide, the people living under it still call it the "land of the free."


We're opposed to this aggression and make no exception for the people who call themselves "the U.S. government" than we would for the private criminal.


We advocate instead for a voluntary society: one that, unlike the inherently coercive nature of the State that uses force to compel people to obey its orders, allows people to freely exchange goods to their mutual-benefit, without legislation to effect this so long as no one else's equal, negative rights are not violated; to cooperate and contract with each other how they see fit, including securing their properties from outside aggressors; and to live free, productive, and prosperous lives without the dream in anyone's mind of robbing their neighbor by use of the political means, as democracy has led us to beleive is just and moral, and calling it something other than the theft and expropriation that it is.


This is not a fantasy or a dream which cannot be achieved. Statism is the myth. And nor is it a utopia where "free" things are promised, as "democratic socialists" do, or one where criminals will no longer exist, as our law-and-order government and their dominating prison systems pretend to do. Instead, we recognize nature and freedom mean inequality and a spontaneous order. We oppose the State on principle: that it is inherently aggressive, and could never possibly offer us some positive end that justifies the means.


We could rid the world of statism, but the issue hinges upon unwinding centuries-long propaganda campaigns as an assault on common-sense and reason. The people after all have been waving flags, singing national anthems, and pledging their allegiance to the State since they were children in the government-schools. Today, they apologize for their own indoctrination, claiming that "education is a right", as well as repeating all the bad economics, history, and political theory the were taught on the essentiality of government.


If only the common man would come to his senses to break free from the paradigm he's always known, of "left and right" socialism, and escape to see that there is really only voluntaryism or involuntarism, i.e., the way of the market or the way of the State, then the spectrum of debate begins to clear. He or she will see that everything they were told was the truth—say, that "FDR saved America from the Depression" when he prolonged it; or that "Reagan believe in capitalism and limited-government", when such is far from the case; etc.—was a lie.


Liberty-lovers everywhere will be sourced to dispel these myths and fallacies emanating from those in government who are only protecting their own interests; the ones that keep us slaved and relatively impoverished to what our human potential could be absent of this exploitation of people and property.


We hope to inspire and support the liberty movement to bring about a change in public opinion; the support of which the existence of the failed and bogus ideas of statism ultimately rest upon. Anyone who opposes aggression is an ally; anyone wanting less government is a welcomed fellow-traveler.


There will be no comprimising or watering-down of principles here. We unashamedly believe in a radical decentralization of political power, ending the federal government's power over our lives; seceeding from centralized authority, and breaking-up into small, weaker "governments"; abolition of the slavery that is statism and its taxation; and for privatization of all things said to be "essential services" that must be "public goods" provided for by government, i.e., via aggression.


Instead we contend everything the government currently does could be done so more morally and economically in the market; indeed what is the voluntary sector and the economic means of obtaining wealth, whereas the State's is democratic theft and thus the coercive interventionist into our private lives.


We will take the brave stand against the socialism prevailing today, as not too many are willing to do outspokenly, and offer a real solution out of our problems: privatize and abolish.


Where it stands now, anything identified as a problem or issue has for its curing perscription precisely the cause: the same old socialist solution or ever-more government authority and force. What is required for the system that causes us so much trouble to be broken is no more or no less than a change in public opinion. The words "necessary evil", and all other excuses for why the State is needed, must leave the people's vocablary as popular phrases.


The battle is an ideological one, and we know what we're up against, but we're here to throw weight behind the timeless principles of liberty in order to bring about change unlike that of which the politician speaks of:


Self-ownership / Private Property / Non-aggression / Anti-state / Free Markets